How To Configure Oud Perfume Bukhoor Gift Box (Desktop)

Now you can configure Touch of Oud gift box with your favorite Oud Perfumes and Bukhoor(bakhoor) and order online. Choosing the best oriental oud perfumes and bukhoor for gift box can be done in minutes.

Here is the step by step guide to configure gift boxes on your Desktop (Windows, Linux & MAC) on any browser.

Step 1 : Browse to Gift Box section of Touch Of Oud and select the Oud Perfume, Bukhoor combination you needed.

Browse to Gift Box section of Touch Of Oud

Step 2 : When you clicked on the gift box page, your browser will redirect you to the Gift Box. You can select(configure ) Perfumes and Bukhoor from this page.

Gift Box Page

Step 3 : The following image gives you better understanding on the Gift box configuration.

Gift Box Components

  1. Shows your current configuration of the gift box. Buy clicking on each boxes you can configure each components.
  2. In the review section you can view the current configuration status of your Gift Box.
  3. Your add to cart button will be enabled only if you complete configuring the Gift Box.

Step 4 : Click on any component, so you can select your favorite products for the category.

Select your product for the seciton

  1. You can browse through all products of the category from the links. Only four products will be shown at a time. Click on the page number to view more products of the section.
  2. By Clicking on review configuration, you can review the current Gift box configuration status.
  3. The products of the category will be displayed on this section as in the image.

Step 5 : You can browse through the products and select your favorite.

Browse through the products and select your favorite.

Step 6 : To select the product for your gift box, just click on the product.

Select product to add it to the gift box

Once you clicked on a product images, it will get added to the gift box.

  1. You can clear your selection by clicking the “clear selection link”
  2. The selected product will be highlighted. You can click on any other product to change your selection.
  3. If you are satisfied with your selection click on the Review configuration link, which will guide you to the gift box configuration.

Step 7 : After selecting the product you will redirected you to the Gift box configuration as in step 3.
Gift box configuration

  1. Once you selected the product, it will be displayed on the respective slot.
  2.  You need to complete your configuration (selection) to add the gift box to your cart.
  3. You need to repeat step 3 – step 6 for the remaining slots.
  4. The updated configuration status for the gift box will be displayed in the section pointed.

Step 8 : Once you completed selecting the products, the ” Add to Cart ” Button will be enabled. You can click on it and proceed to the purchase.

Gift Box completed configuration

  1. Completed configuration of a gift box.
  2. The “Add to cart button” got enabled when you complete the configuration.

You can change the gift box configuration any time before adding it cart.

Step 9 : From the cart you can how many gift boxes you need.

Gift Box on cart


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