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Our Oud Perfumes are crafted with mastered hands to deliver the finest Arabic perfume for those who seek perfection.

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Flowery, Oudy and Aromatic Home Fragrances to enjoy Oud scents to irresistibly express your senses.. Pick and Click.

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Touch Of Oud

oud perfume

Why Touchofoud?

The very first preference of touchofoud.com is to provide products that can help our customers to keep unpleasant body odors away and make sure they smell fresh throughout the event or the day. We provide Arabic perfumemade by oud that can go with all kinds of events such as weddings, parties, meetings, and many more. Our high-quality oud perfumcomes at affordable prices and is made with the very best materials at special attention. We are offering perfumes made by oud for both men and women. The fragrance of Arabic perfume that you will find in our store is capable enough to enlighten any of your events and big occasion.

Perfume Collections:

We have a strong history of making perfume in UAE which is the reason that we have a wide range of satisfied customer bases. Some of the finest perfumes that we offer are Rajwan, Jala, Aghla, Manthoor, Saher, Lahaf, Lamak, and many more according to the preferences of our customers. The reason why touchofoud is one of the finest oud perfume online store in Dubai is that we keep the desires of our customers before anything else

We offer exclusive deals and discounts to specific card holders all across the year. Plus at different events and Wedding, you can also take advantage of discounts and sales while buying the best oud perfume online and other products from our site. You can also find new products regarding Arabic perfume and many other things from time to time in the new arrival section of our store.

About Touchofoud:

Best Arabic perfume is not the only thing that we offer. We also offer various kinds of body lotions, hair mists, essential oils, gift boxes, Agarwood, and wedding services. For more details, you can contact us at info@touchofoud.com or can reach out to the customer support service on our website.


Our customer service team is available 7 days a week between 9:30am to 10pm. WhatsApp: + 971 54 791 1542

Complimentary Perfume Delivery

Our delivery service covers all UAE and our oud perfume online delivery will arrive at your doorstop without any delay

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Our payment system is 100% secure. Don't worry about payment. Cash on delivery or Online Payment!

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 9:30am to 10pm. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

Our Arabic perfume delivery service is free all across UAE.

We deliver on the same day from oud perfume store when you order before 11:00 a.m.

Internationally, we deliver everywhere.

To reach oud perfume store customer service is to WhatsApp us on +971547911542. Or you can chat with our online customer service on Touchofoud

Oud regularly comes in pure pieces without any additions or mixing. We also call it agarwood.

Bukhoor is Oud but combined with scents, which means it is a scented Oud.

While Dukhoon is like a powder, musk powder combined with scents and some people call it ma’amool.

Bukhoor Online

Everything on our website is described precisely, so wherever you buy bukhoor it will be the same. But as we are all across UAE, you can visit us and enjoy all oud perfumes in stores, Arabic perfume, dukhoon, and more

All our oud perfume store scents are long-lasting perfumes. It lasts at least two days since we use high-quality ingredients when we make oud perfumes, Arabic perfumes, dukhoon, or bukhoor

Our Oud is high-quality Oud, and it is distinctive in its constancy. The scent of our Oud clings to everything in the house from clothes, curtains, to the furniture to keep your house scented.

NO! another characteristic of our best oud is that it has the same scent from the moment you lit it until it completely burns out. check our oud perfume store reviews